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Article by Maria Dimitrova

By Maria Dimitrova

Read this to: get rid of back, neck or waist pain and many other health problems

Gain: A natural and effective way for healing your body

Cost: 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening for a set of stretching positions and some money for Yumeiho procedures (the number of procedures depends on the condition of the recipient)

Conventional medicine generally tackles the symptoms not the causes of a disease. To make the medical practice manageable to teach, doctors specialize and treat their specialisation separately from the rest of the body whereas the interconnection between the organs and their functions should always be taken into account. This has caused many to turn to holistic medicine to rebuild their health. One example of such a holistic therapy aiming to solve a problem at its roots is the Japanese massage therapy called Yumeiho.

What does the exotic name “Yumeiho” stand for?

It was created in 1978 by Masayuki Saionji, the head of Japanese International Institute of Preventive Medicine. He came across this method in China in the Shaolin Monastery and improved the Chinese healing method by connecting it with Shiatsu massage.

A Yumeiho therapist demonstrating different techniques in the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria:

Fast Tube by CasperYumeiho includes two main techniques – the Corrective Method and the Kneading Method. The Corrective method restores the right position of joints in the body while the Kneading method works deeply on the muscles to release the tension in them and improve the blood and lymph circulation.

Some people call it “passive gymnastics” because the recipient of the treatment performs certain movements without making an effort. The therapist does all the work. They lift, push, pull and stretch different parts of the recipient’s body so that the elasticity of the ligaments is improved and the displacement (if there is any) of joints is corrected. From my personal experience I can say that it doesn’t hurt and after the treatment you feel comfort and tone.

Scientifically proven efficiency

Saionji’s treatment methods were examined in Russia in the Moscow Institute of Cosmonautics and other institutes of the world that demonstrated its efficiency.

The importance of the correct placement of joints

When there is even the smallest and unnoticeable joint displacement, especially when the hip joint is affected, the body’s natural and healthy symmetry is disrupted. One of the legs becomes shorter than the other which means that the longer one is loaded much more. This leads to tiredness and stiffness in the leg which takes more of the body weight. The whole skeleton tries to keep the balance and the spine curves to one side which changes the position of the organs in the body. In addition to the back, waist and neck pain is very likely to appear. It also affects the proper functionality of organs and is a precondition for diseases which seemingly have no connection to the symmetry of the skeleton.

It has been suggested that when the displacement is found in the right hip joint, all the organs in the right part of the body suffer and the affected person might have problems with his liver or stomach, gynaecological problems and diarrhoea. This type of person is usually thin. When the displacement is in the left hip joint there may be problems with the heart, lungs, vulnerability to colds, constipation and obesity.

What causes joint displacement

A major cause for the displacement of our hipbones is the passage through the hard birth canal of our mother. The process of birth can lead to a congenital condition in our hips leading to the experience of many disorders later in life, if not diagnosed and corrected at an early age.

Joint displacement can also happen later in life. Unfortunately to function well, the body needs symmetry most of the time. Our environment is usually highly

specialized, forcing our bodies to assume asymmetrical positions in order to perform different tasks like driving, studying and working at the computer. Using the mouse with the right hand all the time causes contraction of the muscles on the right side of the body. All this tension and pain can be easily prevented. For instance placing the computer too high makes us look upwards, causing our vertebral muscles contract unnaturally, mostly on the right side of the body. This may lead on to cervical spondylosis – a condition that affects younger and younger people.Another example of poor posture is the way we cross our legs. The large majority of people when crossing legs, place the leg which is the most tired on the top of the other one. Usually the most tired leg is the longer leg because it is more often used. Crossing legs in the same way all the time accentuates the deviation of the coxal bones already created by our asymmetrical posture that we assume all day long. All those incorrect postures do nothing but harm and cause pain and discomfort.

Diagnosing a joint displacement

Joints displacement can be diagnosed by touching the points of the hipbone and also by comparing the length of both legs. Through their extensive experience Yumeiho therapists have found out that almost no one has equally strong legs. One leg is “longer” than the other (even a difference of several millimeters counts) and because of this we use their legs unequally. This is due to a hip joint displacement.

Diagnostics can be made in a more practical and precise way using the measuring device called the Balance Ener, invented by Saionji Sensei. A patient stands on 2 metal plates. After about a minute, the device shows how much of the body weight is on each leg and the difference in weight between the right and left leg. The therapist notes which leg is weaker and takes less weight. This measurement is made during every session to monitor changes in the body as the therapy progresses. With the help of this apparatus the research has become more scientific.

The beneficial effects of Yumeiho

Yumeiho is claimed to be very effective when treating these conditions:

spinalgiaarthralgiadiscopathyscoliosisspondylolisthesismigrainemyalgiaobesitydifference in length of lower extremitiesalgomenorrhea, asymmetries of the skeletal and muscular systemOther claimed beneficial effects of Yumeiho include:

increases immunity and in this way it prevents serious diseasesincreases elasticity and movement freshnessremoves tiredness and provides a feeling of comfortimproves sexual performanceharmonizes the mental functionsIn Masayuki Saionji’s book “Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy: Hip Correcting Kneading and Pressing Therapy” you will find doctors’ reports on the numerous healing effects of Yumeiho on their patients in cases where the conventional medicine has proved to be helpless.

A demonstration of Yumeiho therapy in a Russian spa center:

Fast Tube by CasperA person who got rid of his severe waist pain with the Yumeiho treatment after two unsuccessful surgical operations shares:

“I lived a normal life, did physical works and regularly attended a gym. In 2000 I felt waist pain. A herniated disc was suspected and I decided to do an operation. Unfortunately, after the operation, I felt worse than before it. In three months my health condition quickly worsened. I was proposed a second operation and I agreed to do it. After it, I felt a little bit better but I suffered severe repeated pain attacks. The pain was severe; I hardly could go up stairs. I lost my weight and got anemia.

“In June 2002 I visited the vertebral column centre in Cochabamba city. I was looking for healing. I sent my medical records to Cuba and got a proposal to replace the hip joint. I was shocked because I could not understand why in order to be free from waist pain I should do an operation and allow to put an implant? Just to feel a little bit better but not be totally healed.

“Once on TV I saw a broadcast in which participated a physician Juan Carlos Diamond R. He spoke about problems of the vertebral column. I visited h
im the same afternoon but did not expect much from him. I was just interested in his opinion. The physician suggested starting the treatment immediately. I should admit that already after the first session my pain reduced, muscles relaxed and became stronger. Now, after four months of treatment, I feel much better and I can go upstairs without any problems. I do not need analgesic injections and I gradually reduced use of other medicines. The pain did not imprison me in bed. I am really grateful to the physician, who healed me. To everyone who did not want to have surgical traumas I recommend to apply to him because this method is natural and more than effective.

La Paz, Bolivia, 4 October 2002.”


Unfortunately not everyone can take advantage of Yumeiho. Patients suffering from the following diseases should avoid this therapy: acute intoxications, state fever, average or advanced osteoporosis, tuberculosis, cardiovascular acute disease, acute pulmonary suffering, acute diseases of the digestive system, severe renal disease (dialysis), cancer. The information about cancer is contradictory as some say it has good effect on patients, some say it should be avoided.

The application of the therapy during menstruation (especially if it is abundant) isn’t recommended. Also, Yumeiho therapy has to be applied not sooner than 2-3 hours after a meal.

Beware: You should find a qualified and recommended therapist as the competent use of the Yumeiho techniques is crucial not only to derive the expected benefits and but also to avoid additional traumas. You can find more information about Yumeiho and contacts of specialists practicing it in your country here: A list of Yumeiho therapists is also given in the book: “Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy: Hip Correcting Kneading and Pressing Therapy”. Some spa centers offer this therapy like this one in Belgium where the price of a Yumeiho procedure is 52 euros:

Prevention with home self-training massage gymnastics

Yumeiho can heal a variety of conditions but how you treat your body every day is what counts in the long term and can prolong the beneficial effects of the therapy. With a special self-training program of similar to yoga stretching exercises you can mobilise the large body segments, release the tension in muscles and maintain the elasticity of tendons and ligaments, improve the blood and lymph circulation. Masayuki Saionji has given detailed explanations and pictures of the self-training gymnastics in his book.

His set of simple exercises should not take more than ten minutes and does not require a gym. In the morning the exercises can eliminate the asymmetries caused by sleeping in the wrong position. In the evening they will relax tired muscles. Enjoy!

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