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postheadericon Rheumatism Causes and Symptoms and Alternative Home Remedies for Arthritis Cure

Rheumatism is not a single disease. It pertains to a whole range of conditions, all of which cause pain. These conditions affect the joints, the muscles and the ligaments. Rheumatism is more common among the middle aged and elderly people. The exact cause of most forms of rheumatism is not known. Exposure to wet and cold may aggravate the pain. There are many types of rheumatism, and some of the most common ones are:

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1.    Rheumatoid arthritis
2.    Osteo-arthritis
3.    Gout
4.    Ankylosing spondylitis
5.    Tennis elbow
6.    Frozen shoulder
7.    Cervical spondylitis
8.    Fibrositis
Causes of Rheumatism
The various causes of rheumatism are:
1.    Poisoning of blood with acid wastes
2.    Physically stressful work
3.    Damp weather conditioner
4.    Acid-alkaline imbalance (Acidosis)


Rheumatism Arthritis Treatment
While there is no cure for rheumatism arthritis, medical experts are now certain that individuals may be genetically pre-disposed to the condition. Despite medical solutions, individuals may want to adopt physical therapy and alternate treatments for rheumatism arthritis.

1.    Your doctor might recommend a visit to a physical therapist. A few simple exercises prescribed by the therapist may help joint flexibility. In case of pain or discomfort of the joints, your therapist may help you come up with solutions or ideas to perform everyday activities without putting too much pressure or stress on your inflamed joints.
2.    The physical therapist may also introduce you to assisting devices which can help you grip objects better. A walking stick could mean less pressure on the knees and ankles to support your weight. Your doctor and therapist may also recommend moderate intensity exercises like swimming, water aerobics, walking, and so on to lose weight, in case you are overweight. Obesity in patients with rheumatism arthritis can complicate or worsen the condition.
3.    Oral medication may include anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone induced steroids to slow the process of joint damage and reduce chronic pain and immunosuppressant drugs to control the function of the immune system and its response to the joints. However, all these medications have moderate to severe side effects. All medication must follow prescription and strict supervision of your doctor.
4.    Severely damaged joints may require corrective surgery.
5.    A few self-care tips such could be followed to keep the pain at bay. One should avoid cigarettes which are known to increase pain in rheumatism arthritis patients. Besides this, exercising daily, and finding ways to relax and de-stress your body can help slow down the onslaught of rheumatoid arthritis and keep the pain under control.
6.    A warm or cold compress would help relieve the pain in case of a rheumatism arthritis attack. Warm compresses or a hot water shower may relieve the pain in the arm and leg joints. On the other hand, some individuals find that cold compresses numb the painful flare-ups and decrease the spasms.