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postheadericon Cervical Corpectomy: India a medical hub and land of Cultural Heritage Smiles

Cervical Corpectomy for removal of decompressed cervical disc:

Healthcare tourism can well arrange medical appointments and treatment bookings, as well as your accommodation, transportation and post-treatment retreat in a prompt and well-organized way if you are seeking Cervical Corpectomy in India from professional spine experts who have got training at foremost abroad medical institutions. We understand that it can be daunting to organize these things in a foreign country but now global healthcare has made it more easier than ever before. Cervical Corpectomy is an operation to remove a portion of the vertebra and adjacent intervertebral discs for decompression of the cervical disc. It aims to provide a well-rounded service, personalized to your best interest. India is a land of Cultural Heritage Smiles with friendly & cooperative people, superb ancient heritage tourism spots and fantastic food cuisines and of course as a medical hub it is a recommended place for getting spine surgeries like Cervical Corpectomy.

Cervical Corpectomy to cure multi-level cervical stenosis:

When cervical disease spreads over entire disc space, the surgeon may recommend removal of the vertebral body as well as the disc spaces at either end, to completely decompress the cervical canal. This procedure is called Cervical Corpectomy, is often performed to cure spine diseases like multi-level cervical stenosis. For patients whose pain does not improve with non surgical treatments, Cervical corpectomy may be necessary. Here the treatment goal is to relieve pressure on the nerve roots or on the spinal cord by removing the ruptured disc and vertebral body. After a skin incision is made, only one thin muscle needs to be cut, after which anatomic planes can be followed right down to the spine. This procedure is usually done under microscopic visualization. The limited amount of muscle transaction or dissection helps to limit postoperative pain.

About Cervical Corpectomy Procedure:

The approach of Cervical Corpectomy procedure is similar to that of discectomy although a larger and more vertical incision in the neck will often be used to allow more extensive exposure. The doctor then performs corpectomy either at end of the vertebral body that will be removed (e.g. C4-C5 and C5-C6 to remove the C5 vertebral body). More than one vertebral body may be removed. The posterior longitudinal ligament is often removed to allow access to the cervical canal and to ensure complete removal of the pressure on the spinal cord and/or nerve roots. The risks in Cervical Corpectomy like nerve root damage, Damage to the spinal cord and bleeding that spine surgeons worry about the most is a compromise of the spinal cord that can lead quadriplegia. Corpectomy surgeries are suggested by medical experts in circumstances of significant spinal cord problems,

Cost effective healthcare services for Cervical Corpectomy in India:

India is one of the leading destinations for getting spine procedures like Cervical Corpectomy at more affordable price budget. India’s medical industry has been widely known for many years to provide the most reliable and cost effective healthcare services in Asia. Massive volume of local as well as foreign patients translate into more experienced doctors, better ?quipment and lower prices. In India a patient can avail the most significant plans for Cervical Corpectomy performed at a fraction of cost. All one can say is that the hospitals efficiency and personal attention provided by medical personnel at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are very appealing to many western visitors. For more details in this concern visit or mail at Call us at +91- 9371136499 (International) / + 1-415-599-2537 (USA) / +44-20- 8133-2571 (UK)