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postheadericon Symptom of Panic Attack or Heart Attack

aortic stenosis

Article by Virgil Morris

Panic attack, also called anxiety attack, occurs when the body is not getting enough rest to meet its needs.. People describe panic attack as a squeezing pain, choking or burning feeling.

Panic attack is not a heart attack. It is a harbinger to indicate that your risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death are increased. Usually, the pain may subside with rest or medication, but you must understand that your heart tells you that your body is working too hard and should slow down. Panic attack warns you to stop your activity and rest. If you experience this kind of chest pain, see your doctor to determine the cause and receive treatment if needed.An attack is the pain you feel when one or more coronary arteries are damaged, blocked or narrowed, and not enough to feed your heart with blood rich in oxygen. The pain may occur during physical activity, stress, under stress, in the presence of cold or heat, following meals, consuming alcohol or smoking.

Panic is most commonly caused by:

? A disorder resulting from failure to deal with a recent crises? An uncontrollable fear

In some cases, panic attack symptoms may mimic heart attack symptoms that are caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure or other heart problems such as narrowing of a heart valve (aortic stenosis) or too big a heart (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). Sometimes, some people may experience chest pain caused by other health problems such as lung problems, or skeletal muscle.

Panic attack is usually a symptom of fear and anxiety disorder and that increase your risk of heart attack. The symptoms of panic attack are often experienced after crisis or emotional stress and relieve with rest or medication. Among the symptoms of anxiety attack, one finds the following:

* Pain that arises in the center of the chest and extends the left arm, neck, back, throat and jaw; * Tightness, tightness, pressure or pain in the chest or (x) arm; * A feeling of moderate or severe persistent indigestion; * Acute pain, like burning or cramping; * Pain starting or extending the neck, jaw, throat, shoulder, back or (x) arm; * Discomfort in the neck or upper back, particularly between the shoulder blades; * Numbness or loss of sensation in the arms, shoulders or wrists.

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postheadericon Eyesight Along with Heart problems

Article by lazaro 003

Eye ailment is quite normal with Golden Retrievers. Most Golden’s will often get inherited cataracts, the industry widespread eye issue. At a young grow older, together with impacted Golden’s, one kind of hereditary cataract look. Even community . may well not bring about disturbance using the eye-sight from the Gold Retriever, a few puppies will certainly advancement in to complete and also oftentimes extreme loss of eyesight.

Often, Golden Retrievers will get suffering from no innate cataracts, although an examination by a board accredited animal medical practitioner could figure out exactly how negative your cataracts really are. If cataracts are indeed diagnosed having a Fantastic Retriever, next reproduction won’t always be encouraged. Breeding the Glowing who’s this condition can result in critical problems, including transferring it about the puppies.

Several categories of the Glowing Retriever reproduce happen to be seen to carry body’s genes with regard to CPRA (Main Modern Retinal Atrophy), which usually impacts the actual retina, and will cause permanent loss of sight with regard to Golden’s with a young age. There is also another kinds of vision defects also, for instance retinal dysplasia, which in turn stops a Gold through reproduction.

Challenge with the two eyelid and eyelashes may also be plausible using Gold Retrievers, with a few becoming the result of through genes. The eyelids rotating throughout or perhaps out, or even the the eyelashes rubbing upon or perhaps the attention are both typical difficulty with your type. Even even though medical procedures will help correct these kinds of troubles, dogs which can be experiencing this kind of issue shouldn’t be permitted to type or contend inside demonstrates beneath almost any AKC rules.

Always have got the Glowing Retriever examined annually pertaining to eyesight illness, as it could acquire during every age. When you’re taking your own Gold to possess him or her examined with regard to attention ailment, you ought to have the vet ophthalmologist perform the exam. He offers each of the required tools, along with the appropriate instruction necessary to be sure that your pet provides the very best evaluation feasible.

Heart diseaseSAS (Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis) is the most widespread along with widespread kind of heart disease inside entire Gold Retriever types. Before a person type your own Fantastic Retriever, always have him reviewed pertaining to heart disease by the certified vet cardiologist. If the particular cardiologist finds a heart murmur, he can suggest more tests on your doggy.

When the outcomes prove bad, that doesn’t automatically principle coronary disease out there, because several milder varieties may still be there, despite the fact that undetected. If any Golden Retriever will be diagnosed to get almost any heart problems, he ought not breed of dog. Breeding Glowing Retrievers who have coronary disease can bring about significant as well as often fatal outcomes. To always be safe and sound, always possess the Golden screened pertaining to his / her ailment when you intend on propagation.


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postheadericon GERMAN BOXERS PUPPY

aortic stenosis

Article by Thomas Grace

Strong, muscular, handsome, whose hallmark is a short, slightly suppressed muzzle and a square body, is a working breed. Originally it was used for the dog fights, but today in addition to being a pet, is an excellent working dog.

Boxer grows from 53 to 63 cm and weighs 27 to 37 kg. It is covered with short, strong shiny hair, without undercoat. The color of his hair may be striated or yellow with white, but also non-white.

Boxer will best work with an owner who is confident, hardworking and possesses a lot of time for training the dog. Boxers are very intelligent, they think a lot, so the training of a boxer is a little slower. There have been cases where the boxer wrongly education becomes disobedient and dominant, that’s why we should train this dog seriously and start very early.

Boxer is a good guard dog and very loyal. It is a lively dog, sometimes even a little proud. It is curious, but on the other hand, very withheld to foreigners.

The Boxer as we know it today is relatively young breed. The standard for it was written only in 1905. However, the roots of dogs similar to today’s boxer go on. Somewhere in the early 18th century, the first of the dogs used to hunt for the big animals. However, later on they have occurred as a guard of butchers and cattle dealers.

Some major concerns are cardiomyopathy and other heart problems, sub-aortic stenosis, and thyroid. Can be prone to skin and other allergies. Sometimes prone to epilepsy and hip dysplasia. From age eight on they are more likely to get tumors than other breeds. These dogs may drool and snore. May have excessive flatulence, especially when fed something other than their own dog food. Some white Boxers are prone to deafness.

Today we face boxers in the police, army, as well as rescue dogs or to search for missing.

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postheadericon Miracle Back Pain Cure

spinal stenosis

Article by Sean

MIRACLE BACK PAIN CURE+++++++++++++++++++++++++


You can even use a poultice made from raw potatoes and apply directly to the sore area. There is a new form of pain relief for aching back. If pain is decreased, you do not need to consult a doctor. Use them liberally until the pain subsides. There are many types of back pains, it can be just as mild as a dull ache or one that causes extreme pain and agony. When the ligaments and muscles supporting the spine are strained, you will experience back pain. Stretch your muscles as far out as you can while ignoring the pain. If you are sedentary, get up from your seat at least once every hour. You might also apply heated pad placed on the sore area. You acquire the knowledge on how to cure back pains and how to use them to achieve the cure, not in a few minutes but according to the length of time that it normally takes place. Another good home remedy is through physical exercise which stimulates the nutrients supply of the spinal discs and hinders the deterioration of the body due to the aging process. Muscles that are strained from excessive physical activities or become spasmodic will usually heal after some time. This over- the -counter patch supplies the same amount of warmth as electric heating pad or sports cream. Listen to your muscles since this is the core of the ache. The best remedy is bed rest. Back pain is the exorbitant premium you have to pay for the kind of lifestyle you are leading today. If ache increases due to your exercise, then stop it but remember that exercise is still a great therapy. Nowadays, miracles are not needed because people like you can use your knowledge in making things happen.


Keep a straight back all the time. Place the pencil tip firmly and knuckle between your inner ankle bone and Achilles tendon, allowing the larger tendon to run smoothly from your heel bone to the muscles of your calf. Apply deep pressure by pushing it, then holding it for a few seconds, then pushing it, then releasing and pushing and then holding it for a few seconds and release. Pinpoint the area where the skin fold bulges, this is your acupressure point. Exercise 1 – Lie on your back and slowly raise both legs together as far as you can hold your breath. With your heels firmly on the ground, bend your knees and hold on until the count of 10. Continue doing the movement for each side for 1 and 2 sets, repeat from 10 to 20 times. This is the natural miracle which consists in following these simple, easy and effective techniques, tips and guidelines. Now turn your feet in one direction and your head in the opposite direction, then inhale deeply. There are 3 more exercises recommended to ease back aches: Knee bends – Take off your shoes. What is in store for a miracle back ache cure?There are lots of expectations for a much better back ache cure. But there are many other simple and more effective techniques to stretch and strengthen muscles, realign your spine and balance your pelvis. Take a deep breath, counting from 1 to 5 as you continuously inhale and exhale, breathing in and breathing out. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale repeatedly, doing it again from 5 to 10 minutes. Technique 3.



There are two kinds of back pains that must be considered in the treatment. The types of surgery commonly performed are – discectomy which removes the herniated disc that pressurized the nerves, the fusion surgery which is due to vertebra slip and it has to be fused into place by using metal rods and injections at the back to relieve pain. This type can be relieved by over the counter (OTC) painkillers as paracetamol and if a stronger one is needed, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAD) as ibuprofen or one that requires a prescription a mild opiate as codeine taken with paracetamol or NSAD. Exercise is good therapy. Surgery as option. The following conditions required surgery – If the patient has ruptured hernia, the patient make poor response to any medication and the symptoms are getting worst.


Back pain during pregnancy. On the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, most women complain of back pains. This is due to the added weight and hormonal fibers which expand the sacroiliac joints and widens the size of the birth canal. Sciatica. As the swelling herniated disk thronged on the main nerve which descends upon your legs, you will experience shooting pains in your buttocks and lack of the legs. Arthritis. Osteoarthritis usually hits the joints of the hands, hips, hands and lower body. It causes the narrowing of the spine and spinal cord, leading spinal stenosis which is commonly due to aging. Other factors can cause back aches. Poor posture and body mechanics, emotional stress, heavy weight and obesity, anemia, whiplash, cancer pain, diabetes, aging and piriformes syndrome. Spondylolistheses. This is the result of the instability of the vertebra as it begins to slip. Brought about by degenerative changes, the spinal column loses its normal stabilizing structure.

TYPES OF BACK PAINS—————————————

When you feel pain every time you cough or bend from the waist, you have herniated disk. There will be sharp pain localized in your neck, upper and lower back which happens after you carry heavy objects or do strenuous activities. The pain may last for a few months. You will find it difficult to stand straight for you will experience muscle spasm in your lower back.


Use of insoles. Insoles are the arch support in your shoes which provide underside support to the feet. Laboratory studies showed that the shoe insole can be a help in preventing and treating back pains. They absorb the shock of the foot as it touches the ground and support the foot in its proper alignment. Spinal Manipulation. The chiropractor uses his hands to apply sudden pressure to the joint in your back. The goal is to restore spinal movement, improve its function and decrease pain. Spinal manipulation is a low risk technique that gives increase mobility, emotional and psychological benefits. Yoga involves various physical poses and controlled breathing to achieve a calm mind and relaxed body. Aside from improving your physical fitness, it is also an effective therapy in reducing back pain which will last for several months.

RISKS FACTORS—————————————

Studies showed that non-smokers have less complain about back pains than smokers. Women are likely to suffer back pains during pregnancy because of the physical changes in their bodies. Aging has always been unfavorable to health due to its degenerative effects. Back pains are caused by the debilitating conditions brought about by osteoporosis, vertebral fractures, osteoarthritis, degenerative spondylolishtesis, degenerative disk diseases, spinal stenosis, pinched nerves and adult scoliosis.


For the record, diagnostic exams are not really essential but to be secured, you will see your doctor and he will go about checking your back, testing your ability to sit, stand, walk and even lift your leg.


Make sure your automobile seat provides for a low back support and use throw pillows when necessary. Here are some tips on how to prevent back pains:Do a lot of exercise on stretching and strengthening your muscles. Sit on a chair with an appropriate height and provided with a good back support. In picking up objects from the floor, do not bend down, instead use your knees then lift the object from one side.


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postheadericon What To Look For In Boxer Puppies For Sale

aortic stenosis

Article by Ray Carboni

Boxers are a noble breed, loyal, intelligent, and active. They don’t necessarily slow down with age and will become very attached to their people. If you aren’t looking for a dog that will love you, want your attention, and want to play; you might want to consider a different breed altogether. But if this is exactly what you’re looking for in a dog, then read on to learn how to pick Boxer puppies for sale that will live up to all your expectations.

1) Research your BreederYour breeder should only be breeding healthy dogs that have been tested or genetic health conditions. These conditions include:

• aortic stenosis• boxer cardiomyopathy• hip dysplasia• corneal dystrophy• generalized mange

The breeder should have copies of the satisfactory test results for both of the puppy’s parents. Your breeder should also be willing to give you a health guarantee for at least one year against genetic health condition, preferably two to three years.

2) Meet the ParentsThis seems odd to some people, but the fact is that meeting the parents will give you a great idea of what your puppy will look like as an adult. Most breeders are willing to show you the breeding stock. Make sure that the parents are fine examples of boxers who look and act like the type of pet you are looking for. Meeting the parents will also give you a strong indication of what your puppy’s temperament will be.

3) The puppy should be at least 8 weeks old, preferably even 12 weeks.It’s true that pups can start eating solid food at 6 weeks, but the extra time with the mother is about more than their dining habits. This is a vital socialization period for the puppy. This is when they learn how to be a dog, and the mother will even start the housebreaking process for you. Waiting until your pup is closer to twelve weeks will result in a dog that is better socialized and easier to train. Puppies that are up for sale at only six weeks and seven weeks of age should be avoided.

4) Healthy Boxer Pups are ActiveTrue to their nature, Boxer puppies are active and alert. Some might even describe them as being a little on the ADHD side. Puppies that are lethargic and listless aren’t laid back, they’re probably ill.

5) Choosing a Healthy PuppyYour Boxer’s eyes should be alert, bright, and intelligent. Pups with runny eyes could have serious illnesses and should see a vet before being purchased. The Boxer’s jaw is straight and square, an indication of how he will look as an adult. Finally, the puppy’s legs should be strong and straight with clean, solid lines.

Bringing a Boxer puppy for sale home can be a lot of fun, and you can look forward to having many years of joy with your new companion. Choosing a great Boxer puppy begins with choosing a great breeder. You really do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to pure-bred dogs. It’s tempting to save money by going with a cheaper breeder, but you may wind up paying substantially more through vet bills and heartbreak if the beloved pet turns out to have a fatal genetic condition. Take the time to research the breeder, meet the parents. Most importantly, when choosing your Boxer, gaze into his eyes, and then choose one that’s healthy and active.

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postheadericon Spine Specialists Center: Full Endoscopic Surgery of the Lumbar and Cervical Spine

canal stenosis

Article by Scott Minteer

Dr. Verapan Kuansongtham, a neurosurgeon specialized in spine surgery, and his partner, Dr. Sompoch Paiboonsirijit, an orthopedic surgeon also specialized in spine surgery, have jointly organized 17th symposium for full-endoscopic surgery of the lumbar and cervical spine with their German partner, Dr. med. Sebastian Ruetten at Bumrungrad International during 22nd to 23rd January 2010. The symposium was a success. Not only doctors from Thailand, but also doctors from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea and India attended the symposium. The team has received several invitations from doctors in many countries such as Hong Kong and Malaysia to organize a similar symposium abroad.

Dr. Ruetten, Head of Department of Spine Surgery and Pain Therapy of St. Anna-Hospital Herne, Germany, is a world pioneer who invented a special technique for using an endoscope to operate patients with herniated discs. With his endoscopes produced by Richard Wolf in Germany, a surgical field is minimized to 8 mm. and due to a minimal injury to muscles around the operative area, patients can go home after 24 hours of surgery.

Dr. Verapan and Dr. Sompoch were directly trained by Dr. Ruetten. In 2008, they decided to become partners in training doctors around the world for the full-endoscopic spine and cervical surgery. They organize a symposium for doctors in Germany semi-annually in March and September. For Asia, Thailand will be the only center for training where Dr. Ruetten will fly in with his team from Germany and join Dr. Verapan in organizing a symposium semi-annually in January and June.

Last year, Dr. Verapan and Dr. Sompoch also joined Dr. Ruetten in organizing a special workshop in Chicago for American doctors.


Stenosis (lateral or central canal stenosis) is a lumbar spine disease in which the spinal canal is gradually narrowed due to the degeneration of the facet joints and ligament. Such degeneration causes bone spurs grow into the spinal canal, the facet joints enlarge and the ligaments become stiff. These all contribute to a smaller space for the nerve roots and spinal cords located in the spinal canal. In general, patients with stenosis may suffer from lower back and leg pain and some suffer great leg pain when they walk without any back pain.

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postheadericon Symptoms and Treatment of Spinal Stenosis

canal stenosis

Article by Glenn Betz

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal that puts pressure on the spinal cord and/or on spinal nerves as they leave the spine. Compression of the nerve interferes with communication between the brain and the body, and results in sensory problems or loss of function to an area of the body. Compression can occur in the spinal canal, in the nerve root canals or the intervertebral foramen. It can be localized to one area or widespread throughout a section of the spine.

CausesSpinal stenosis can be congenital or acquired. Congenital conditions that cause spinal stenosis include scoliosis, a congenitally narrow spinal column or a bone defect called achondroplasia.

Most spinal stenosis is acquired, usually as a result of aging, and it usually appears in individuals over 50 years old. Women are more prone to it than men. Normal degenerative changes that occur with aging are most often to blame, especially if arthritis is also present. Spinal stenosis can also be caused by tumors or injury or as a result of another disease, such as Paget’s disease.

SymptomsThe symptoms of spinal stenosis depend on where the narrowing is. Most spinal stenosis affects the lumbar, or lower back, area. You experience pain radiating down your leg that is relieved if you sit or bend forward. In severe cases, you could lose bowel, bladder or sexual function and have difficulty walking.

The second most common area for spinal stenosis to occur is in your neck, or cervical spine. People with cervical stenosis may feel pain radiating down an arm, or aching, numbness or tingling in the arm or leg. They may have difficulty with fine motor skills, such as picking things up with their fingers or writing, problems walking or loss of bladder and bowel control.

Symptoms usually appear gradually and get worse over time.

TreatmentConservative methods of treatment are used as long as possible. They don’t cure the problem, but most people get relief of their symptoms for quite a while by doing prescribed exercises, including flexion. Most people have good results with physical therapy. Chiropractic, massage and acupuncture often help, too.

Most doctors prescribe muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatory medications to relieve the symptoms of spinal stenosis. If those don’t work, epidural cortisone treatments and nerve blocks may be helpful.

Eventually, many people need surgery to correct spinal stenosis. Outpatient arthroscopic surgery may be sufficient to open up the intervertebral foramen or to relieve pressure from surrounding structures.

Sometimes, however, the entire spinal cord must be decompressed, requiring open surgery. A decompression laminectomy may be necessary to remove enough bone and tissue to relieve the pressure on the spinal column.

Spinal stenosis can be very debilitating. Conservative treatment relieves the symptoms and allows you to function normally for quite a long time. The disease is progressive, however, and eventually surgery is necessary to correct the narrowing and relieve pressure on the nerve.

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postheadericon What Are the Best Back Braces & Supports for a Herniated Disc?

spinal stenosis

Article by J Pal

A herniated disc, what is it? A spinal disc usually stays between the vertebrae. When it ruptures (known as a spinal disc rupture), some of the disc will move outside it’s normal boundaries. This is known as disc herniation.

When a spinal disc pushes out from between the vertebrae it is considered to be a herniated disc. If you have this condition, you may feel pain in your back or legs. You may also have some muscle weakness. A disc that is pushed out from between the vertebrae often pinch spinal nerves or the spinal cord.

The pinched nerves are what causes the pain from the condition. You may have it if you feel electric shock pains either in your arms or legs. You may also feel numbness and tingling. This may also be felt in either the arms or the legs. The muscle weakness you may feel is the result of irritated nerves.

What causes a herniated disc? It can occur from a sudden event such as an accident or fall. It can occur over time from prolonged strain on your spine. It can stem from condition called spinal stenosis.

When the spinal canal narrows and the nerves and spinal cord become compressed, it is known as spinal stenosis. When there is less space for the nerves and they get compressed, they become irritated which leads to back pain.

How can you relieve herniated disc pain? Using a brace or support can help you reduce some of the pain you feel from it. Back braces for disc herniation can both compress and reinforce your back.

This means that these braces help relieve back pain and help you have better posture. Back braces for disc herniation can help improve your quality of life. There are several types of back braces for disc herniation from which you can choose. Some of the best include: the Ossur FormFit Advanced Back Brace, the ProCare 10″ Criss-Cross Support, and the Mueller Back Brace.

The Mueller Brace is made specifically to help with pain from disc conditions such as this. The Ossur FormFit and the ProCare both help with pain from degenerative spine conditions as well. The Mueller Brace costs .95, the Ossur FormFit costs .95, and the ProCare costs .95.

Based on the back pain you have and your own personal needs, you can determine which brace will be right for you. When you have back pain, back braces for disc herniation can help.

The above prices have been referenced from

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postheadericon Conditions That Contribute To The Development Of Congenital Heart Disease

aortic stenosis

Article by Joann Cheong

The term “congenital” means inborn or present at birth. So it’s understandable that congenital heart disease is a health problem that is present since birth. You may often hear the terms congenital heart defect or congenital cardiovascular disease, but all means the same : a serious health problem that affects thousands of newborns worldwide.

Such disease is said to be present in about one percent of the total live births. It is manifested by a structural defect in the heart and happens when the heart does not develop normally prior to birth. The defects may occur in the heart walls, valves, veins and arteries near the organ. It becomes severe when it starts to disrupt or block the normal flow of the blood and oxygen to the heart, causing the heart to weaken and the heart muscles to die with lack of oxygen.

Doctors found no concrete evidence to show the real cause of congenital heart disease. However, there are certain conditions that may contribute to the development. These include:

* Diabetic mother* History of the disease in the family* German measles* Toxoplasmosis, which is an infection that is transmitted through contact with cat feces* HIV infection in the mother* Use of alcohol during pregnancy* Intake of cocaine and other drugs during pregnancy* Use of certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs during pregnancy

It is worth noting that although one or more of these conditions are present prior to birth, it doesn’t mean that the baby will be born with a congenital heart disease. In the same way, several studies have noted that babies can be born with certain heart defects even if none of the mentioned conditions are present. If this is really the case, then it could be rare for families to exactly identify if their babies will be born with or without such disease. This also means that families can’t do anything to prevent their babies from developing such condition. But still, there’s nothing wrong from avoiding such contributing factors of congenital heart defects. Mothers should still avoid drugs, alcohol and exposure to the German measles and some environmental toxins, not just for the unborn she is carrying, but also for herself.

Today, the disease is identified in a number of types, and much to your surprise, more than one heart defect may be present at the same time. Among the most common and most treated types of defects are atrial septal defect (ASD), pulmonary stenosis, Ebstein’s anomaly, aortic stenosis, ventricular septal defect (VSD), tetralogy of fallot, transposition of the great arteries, and a lot more. Note that each of these types are treated individually, depending on the type and severity of the case.

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postheadericon Major Types Of Degenerative Heart Disease

aortic stenosis

Article by Joann Cheong

As you may know, heart disease comes in a number of types. All types are serious, degenerative conditions that can cause sudden death. Given this fact, degenerative heart disease is no doubt a health problem that needs to be considered and solved.

However, before one can solve degenerative heart disease, it is important first to know that major types of such disease. Understanding of these types can help you find the right solution and treatment.

So what are the major types of degenerative heart disease? Consider the following:

Coronary Heart Disease

This is by far the most common type. This is often associated to heart attack and chest pain, and many studies have shown that about 7 million people in the United States alone suffer from this condition.

The coronary heart disease actually occurs when the coronary arteries that carry the blood and oxygen to the heart become narrowed with fatty substances, known as plaque. The plaque builds up on the inner wall of the arteries, and when the arteries are narrowed, the blood and oxygen flow to the heart is slowed down. This may even lead to full blocking of the arteries, leading to heart attack.

Congenital Heart Disease

This type is often identified by a number of heart defects that are present at birth, hence the name. The defects may include patent ductus arteriosus, coarctation of the aorta, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, atrioventrivular septal defect, aortic stenosis, pulmonary stenosis, transposition of the great vessels, tetralogy of fallot, truncus arteriosus, tricuspid atresia, total anomalous pulmonary venous return, and hypoplastic left heart syndrome. All of these defects occur before or shortly after birth, making it one of the leading causes of deaths in newborn.

Rheumatic Heart Disease

This is also considered by many as one of the major types knowing that millions of people in the whole world are affected by it. Basically, this affects children and adolescents. It involves damage to the entire heart and its membranes. Also, it is important to note that this type is a complication of rheumatic fever that is said to have resulted from an untreated strep throat. This condition occurs with the heart valve is damaged due to the fever, leaving it incapable of opening and closing properly.

Angina Pectoris

Commonly known as chest pain, angina pectoris is a major type that affects people of different age. It is actually a specific type of pain in the chest that resulted from an inadequate flow of blood through the blood vessels. This condition is considered as one of the symptoms of almost all types of heart disease, so it is not only deemed as a disease itself, but a symptom as well.

There are other types such as atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, myocarditis, and a lot more. The best way to treat these types, however, is to ask for recommendations first from your doctor before opting for one of the available treatments. This is highly important as degenerative heart disease comes in a number of types with varying symptoms and levels of severity.

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