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postheadericon How to Treat Foot Pain at Home

How to Treat Foot Pain at Home


Do you suffer from stabbing foot pain in the morning, after or while walking, sitting, running or sleeping and wondering how to treat foot pain? You may be affected by plantar fasciitis, a common painful foot condition. Injury to plantar fascia causes inflammation called plantar fasciitis.


Don’t get upset, you can treat foot pain by using natural home remedies. Before knowing about the treatment, it will be of immense help in choosing te treatment for foot pain, if we learn about the symptoms, causes and diagnosis of plantar fasciitis.


Sharp foot pain, pain in the heel, in the arch of foot, in the ball of foot and in the high arch may shoot up from causes such as wearing incorrect shoes, tendency of the foot to roll inward upon walking, stress on the heel, age-related loss of resiliency in the ligaments and some form of arthritis like ankylosing spondylitis or Reiter’s syndrome. Clinical examinations for the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis are medical history, physical activity and foot pain symptoms.


Foot pain treatment should begin with rest, icing and over the counter medications. Orthotic may relieve pain and reverse the damage. Night splints can be used to keep the plantar fascia stretched to promote healing.


The intensity of inflammation will be reduced, if you take as much rest as possible, at least in the first week. Icing also helps in decreasing inflammation. Over the counter medications may control pain and reduce inflammation.


Professional methods may be used, if you want quick cure