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A few years ago, it was the common perception that joint problems were a problem of old age and young were spared. This is far from the truth today and in years to come. Orthopedic surgeons are seeing increasing numbers of young patients with end stage arthritis proceeding to Joint replacement. 

Take the case of thirty eight year old Radhika from Bangalore. Both her knees are worn out from osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis usually affects older people but young patients with certain risk factors, injury or a genetic pre disposition can get it much earlier.  She is going to require knee replacements soon.  Another example is Safia from Mangalore who at the age of forty five has already had bilateral Oxinium knee replacements done.  Her main contributory risk factor was obesity.

It is contextual to deliver this message today on the occasion of World Arthritis day says Dr.Venkatachalam an orthopedic surgeon from Chennai, India. Arthritis refers to any affection of a joint leading to swelling, pain, noise, and restriction of movements.  World arthritis day is commemorated each year on October 12th to raise awareness of joint problems. This year’s theme is “Let us work together”.

Conditions leading to end stage arthritis in the young are rheumatoid arthritis, post traumatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, post infective arthritis, hemophilic arthritis and osteoarthritis in the genetically prone young patient. The end result is a breakdown of articular cartilage, the natural shock absorber.

 Increasing incidence of joint problems amongst the young has led to a commiserate increase in demand for intervention as the young are not content with resting at home or taking medicines. This population of so called “baby boomers” wants to enjoy life to the hilt & be able to earn their living.

 Early diagnostic radiologic methods like MRI can pick up disease in its earlier phase. Laboratory diagnosis of ‘Rheumatoid arthritis a debilitating disease is also possible with blood tests.

Early diagnosis enables surgeons to offer newer methods of treatment and perhaps even nip the disease in its bud. Disease modifying drugs, stem cell therapy, advances in joint replacement are examples of advances.

Cartilage surgery is a method of biological treatment. Damaged articular cartilage is repaired or regenerated. Autologous chondrocyte implantation an established technique has been introduced in India in its latest technological advance. This fourth generation cartilage regeneration technique is invaluable for treating lesions in high demand patients like athletes.

Joint replacements also have got a boost in the last two years. Earlier Joint replacement had a survivorship of ten to fifteen years. A young patient in need of a Joint replacement was certain to need a revision surgery later on. This requirement is now mitigated with the availability of implants made of durable materials like Oxinium. Oxinium is a metal substrate with a ceramic coating. Oxinium knees & hip implants offer longevity, low friction and non allergenicity.


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