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postheadericon How Spine Diseases Can Be Debilitating

Article by carl formby

There are many types of spine diseases and people suffering from any of them can be really laid down low. The most common of them is associated with lumbar pain which mainly affects the lower back and is caused by muscle strain or vascular problems or arthritis or a ruptured intervertebral disc. Spine surgery is usually the last resort after all other methods have become ineffective in alleviating the pain. Spine disease treatments can be non-surgical as well as surgical though that is in very severe cases.

Spinal stenosis is a type of spine disease and can take two forms; lumbar spinal stenosis and cervical stenosis. In the former, the lower back gives trouble since the nerve roots over there get compressed or choked and this radiates pain. Sciatic pain where numbness, tingling or pain shoots from the low back into the buttocks or legs especially with activity is also a result of this problem. In the majority of cases, the pain is bad and increases with walking and is reduced with sitting. This is known as claudication which maybe caused by poor circulation in legs. Treatment is only sought if the pain gets debilitating and hampers normal activities severely. Cervical stenosis is a form of spinal stenosis in the neck region and can become far more dangerous because it can compress the spinal cord itself and lead to weakness of the body and in extreme cases, to paralysis.

When the normal curve of the neck begins to straighten, the condition is called cervical kyphosis. This disease can progress to the level where the curve of the neck starts going in the opposite direction from its normal position. The causes of this disease may be ascribed to the wear and tear of degenerative discs wherein the vertebra begins to weaken. Traumatic injuries such as fractures or infections and diseases like osteoporosis as well as congenital conditions also cause this problem. Cervical lordosis is the inward curvature of the neck area in an abnormal way. While the cervical spine should have a typical lordotic curve, some people have an increased curvature whose existence may not be discovered for years. There are hardly any symptoms linked with this disease and only a small number of people may experience any pain.

A bulging disk is also related to spine diseases and occurs when a disc protrudes through the spine. A disc cushions the vertebrae of the spine and when it shifts out of its normal position it is called a bulging disc. The bulging disc normally affects the lower back but sometimes it may happen in the neck causing pain in the shoulders or arms.

Spine diseases can be treated if they are diagnosed in time.

About the Author

carl formby owns and operates Degenerative Lumbar Pain Surgery and Cervical Bulging Disk

postheadericon How to Beat Leaky Gut Syndrome – and eradicate a multitude of debilitating illnesses.

Article by Phil Jones

Many people understand and realise that most ailments are all lifestyle and nutrition related.DRUGS DEAL WITH THE SHORT TERM EFFECT FOR THE APPARENT CAUSE OF YOUR DISCOMFORT.THE REAL CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM IS THE WAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE.For as long as there are billions spent each year trying to find treatments for EFFECTS of diseases and the masses keep buying them, there will never be a focus on the CAUSE of a disease. This means endless profits for the pharmaceutical companies. Consider this – would the drugs companies be happy with a cancer cure and its impact on their profits?

My life has been fullfilling, varied, energetic and happy until at the age of 41 I was diagnosed with MS. I was fit and healthy (I thought) but still had succumbed to a serious incurable illness. After studying all the symptoms and conditions that contribute to my own condition, plus taking into account my background, history and previous ailments/injuries I rapidly came to the firm conclusion that my condition was down to one thing – Leaky Gut Syndrome.

How is this? I looked carefully at holistic medicine, looking at the whole body, the cause rather than the effect.

I visited several ‘experts’ in the areas of nutrition, allergies and healing. I read books, researched on the web and embarked on my own regime of healthy living and exercise. The eBook you have is as a result of two years of personal research and experience. The result is that I have stabilised the condition initially through modifying my diet. I then sought to isolate the cause rather than accept the doctors word and deal purely with effect. Once leaky gut was identified as the culprit I have been able to totally change my life and general health for the better with the priceless benefit of being symptom free for the past two years.This eBook is the product of my own experience, research and study and is proof that a holistic approach WORKS.It does not just work for MS but by adopting the same methods described you can remove the suffering and misery of the ailments and diseases listed below.

WHAT IS LEAKY GUT SYNDROME?Leaky gut syndrome is characterised by the increased permeability of the bowel in response to excessive irritation and inflammation of the intestinal walls. This increased permeability leads to the improper functioning of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It can have a tremendous impact on several body processes, and is an underlying factor in the development of most food allergies and autoimmune diseases. It is not a disease or an illness in itself. It manifests itself in a huge variety of ways.


Abdominal pain, Aggressive behaviour, Anxiety, Asthma, Bed wetting, Bloating, Chronic joint pain, Chronic muscle pain, Confusion, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Fatigue and malaise, Fevers of unknown origin, Fuzzy thinking, Wind, Indigestion, Mood swings, Nervousness, Poor exercise tolerance, Poor immunity, Poor memory, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Recurrent bladder infections, Recurrent vaginal infections, Shortness of breath, Skin rashes, Toxic feelings.

Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract increases its permeability through the formation of large spaces, or gaps, between the cells lining the intestinal walls. Whereas, larger molecules entering a healthy gut; are broken down into increasingly smaller pieces before passing into the body. In people with leaky gut syndrome these molecules can pass through the intestinal walls before these assimilation processes are complete.

Bacteria, fungi, viruses, and toxins can also pass through a leaky gut, allowing them to enter the blood stream and gain direct access to organs and tissues throughout the body. Some of the most common conditions associated with leaky gut syndrome or increase intestinal permeability are:

Acne, Ageing, Aids, Alcoholism, Allergic disorders, Ankylosing spondylitis, Arthritis/inflammatory joint disease, Asthma, Autism, Celiac disease, Chemotherapy, Childhood hyperactivity, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Cystic fibrosis, Eczema, Endotoxemia, Environmental illness, Food allergies or sensitivities, Giardiasis, HIV positive, Hives, Inflammatory bowel disease, Intestinal infections, Irritable bowel syndrome, Liver dysfunction, Malabsorption, Malnutrition, Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple chemical sensitivities, NSAID enteropathy, Pancreatic insufficiency, Psoriasis, Reiters’s syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, Schizophrenia, Systemic lupus erythematosus, Thermal injury, Trauma, Ulcerative colitis.

The conditions listed are characterised by:

* Weakened immune system. Leaky gut syndrome weakens the immune system by reducing its ability to ward off pathogens at their point of entry to the GI tract. Inflammation of intestinal walls damages the protective coating surrounding immunoglobulin antibodies that are normally present in a healthy gut, rendering them inactive and removing an important line of defence.* Nutritional deficiencies. In order to be transported into body where they are needed, minerals rely on carrier proteins that reside in the gut. These carrier proteins are also damaged by inflammation, making them unable to transport ingested minerals into the body for their utilisation. In a similar way, very long periods of inflammation can also prevent the absorption of vitamins and essential amino acids, leading to other types of nutritional deficiencies.

* Liver toxicity: The liver is responsible for helping to keep the bowel clean so that nutrients can be more efficiently absorbed and utilised by the body. When the bowel becomes overloaded with toxins, a tremendous burden is placed on the liver and can decrease its ability to work efficiently.

* Food allergies: Because increased gut permeability allows the absorption of proteins before they are completely broken down in the GI tract, some proteins passing through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream are not recognised by the immune system, and are quickly and actively treated as invaders. Antibody production begins, and proteins from foods that were previously harmless begin to trigger allergic responses that can damage body tissues.

* Autoimmune disorders: Leaky gut syndrome is a precursor to almost all autoimmune disorders, in which the immune system actively attacks the body itself through runaway autoimmune responses that can cause extensive damage to body tissues. This book is invaluable – I commend it to you and encourage you to take my recommendations on board to ensure a healthy and engergetic life.

The results will come. Every day your leaky gut will start to heal and improve and you’ll start feeling and looking much better as your body quickly starts re-balancing itself. At the end of several weeks, your leaky gut symptoms will disappear and you’ll look and feel so great that your friends will not recognise you. Best of all, you’ll know that the freedom you’ve achieved is permanent and you’ll own the knowledge that got you there.

About the Author

My life has been fullfilling, varied, energetic and happy until at the age of 41 I was diagnosed with MS. I was fit and healthy (I thought) but still had succumbed to a serious incurable illness. After studying all the symptoms and conditions that contribute to my own condition, plus my background, history and previous ailments/injuries I rapidly came to the firm conclusion that my condition was down to one thing – Leaky Gut Syndrome.