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Humira injections procces?
– Take a look at the pages on the following website for more information. Source(s): this site will give you that information.

I am on the drug Humira?
I am taking humira , basically i can not live with out it. The cost has gone up so high. I am struggling to afford it. INS will not Help and i own good INS. The cost is 00 a month for me. I am wondering if anyone knows of any help sites or medical places that can help…

I want information something like Humira injection?
I’m romatoidic, I’m treted with Humira injection. I’m 42 please I want the full explain!! I These websites should have all the info you want. Everything from what the injection consists of to every known impulse etc. Hope this helps.

Need to know how much is humira?
My Doc wants me to start Humira for RA. Anyone know what the price tag carries with that? – It is ridiculously expensive.if you enjoy health insurance you should call and ask what they’re negotiated contract price is currently. Average prices: If you don’t have insurance, appointment the Humira helpline listed…

Why Are the Humira Ads Only Mentioning Hep B, and Not Hep C?
– Humira is used to suppress your immune system to treat autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. If a patient is a carrier of Heb B, they are likely to re-activate the virus. With Hep B most general public are either immunized for it or if it’s contracted, they can clear it…

Has anyone developed cancer from taking Humira or Remicade?
I have Psoriatic Arthritis, and currently take 40mg Humira injection once a week, and have been on it for over a year very soon. Prior to that I was on Remicade infussions, and prior to that was Enbrel with Methotrexate. They are now proverb that people who take Humira or Remicade are 2-3 times more…

Is hackle loss a side effect of Humira?
– anyway as we know hair loss can be caused by many different reasons! Find out the actual mete out of hair loss! There are many causes of loss of hair such as stress, poor nutrition ,medication, thyroid dysfunctions, illness, fungal infections ,hormonal problems, to mention a few. year ago I suffered very much from…

Just have biopsy for generous cold thyroid nodule, should i start Humira or hang about?
All the information with photos are available on

Has anyone out here almost died or have an unexplained infection while on humira?
My mother was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in her early thirties. She is immediately 49 and has been taking Humira for about 1 year. Two days after her last injection, she developed a hallucination of 103.5; four days later she was on life support and the family be…

Which arthritis drugs are cause cancer within youths?
Over the counter drugs are blamed for causing cancer in kids and young adults – These are not over the counter drugs, but ones prescribed for young relations suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or Crohns disease. The drugs under suspicion are: Remicade (infliximab), Enbrel (etancercept), Humira (adalimumab), Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) and Simponi (golimumab).

Will taking Humira (immunotherapy/biotherapy) affect a people DNA?
Humira is a recombinant DNA product given to crohns patients to change the way the body produces TNF blockers. Nothing in the world can change you DNA. It will other be the same.

Humira boardes?

Humira Commerical whats the song they play contained by the commerical?
– I haven’t seen the commercial, but said it was “I Will Be” Source(s):

Humira Injections – Psoriatic arthritis?
I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalga & Psoratic arthritis. Has anyone out there be diagnosed with the same, and taken the Humira injections? did they help with. torment, stiffness, skin issues? What did you feel where the drawbacks ?? Are you still taking the injections? thanks ! – I don’t know anyone who…

Humira vs. Remicade for Crohn’s?
Can you please tell me which one works better and which one has fewer side effects. Also, the pain level of humira(having to inject yourself). Base on personal experience or medical stats. Note: Im 14 and I have Crohns Disease. Im taking remicade but I hate to miss school every 6 weeks to sit in a hospital for 2…

I be on Humira and feel ghastly on it is Enbrel any better?
I was on Humira and during the 3 months I was on it I was so tired all the time I could hardly function day to day. I also had a constant headache and felt resembling I had the flu for 3 months. I experience severe weakness in my arms and legs.

I be taking Humira Prefld Syr 0.8ml 2′S for my rheumatoid arthritis but another benifit be it fixed my psori
But the copay is at 0 for a 90 day supply. Are there any other meds that will work the same but cheaper and might be covered by insurance? – My experience with Humira is that theres not really another one approaching it.

I hold be taking Humira for my Psoriatic Arthritis…?
but the injections are extremely painful, how long do I have to stay on them? Is their another option that doesn’t involve an injection or IV? – The main anti-TNF drugs are Enbrel, Remicade, and Humira. And they are adjectives either injected or IV. When you say the injections are painful,…

Anyone here hold experience beside Humira within treating crohn’s disease?
I’m 20 and I’ve had CD for three years and have been on remicade for most of that time every 8 weeks. However, final infusion I had a lot of side effects after for a couple weeks. My doctor wants to try Humira and see how that works for me. Anyone taking or has taken…

Anyone hold experience using Humira injections for Crohn’s disease? Thanks!?
– What does adalimumab injection do? ADALIMUMAB (HumiraTM) is used to help treat rheumatoid arthritis. Adalimumab may help prevent further damage to your bones and joints, and can moderate arthritis symptoms like joint pain and inflammation. Adalimumab may be used with other drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Adalimumab is usually given…

If I enjoy to pilfer Dmards (Ex. Enbrel, Remicade, Humira, ect.) does that penny-pinching my arthritis is severe?
True, I’m in a lot of pain ALL the time, and it really takes a toll on my natural life, but isn’t this what it’s like for all people with arthritis? – It is possible you have been prescribed this kind of treatment because you…

Is alchohol allowed when taking Humira for RA?
Anyone out there taking Humira? – Yes you can drink alcohol when you take Humira. There are no contraindications or warnings about it. I’ve search everywhere. 16 pages of prescribing information make no mention of any adverse effects with, or caution against, alcohol. Of course, as other, ask your doctor. Cheers!…

Is Humira a form of chemotherapy?
– Humira is a TNF biologic drug f
or rheumatoid arthritis. TNF stands for Tumor Nucrosis factor. The drug binds with certain protiens in the body so they will stop attacking the body. That is he main use for it. It can also be used for other forms of arthritis, but i know it is market for RA.

Is Humira on the VA medication schedule?
Yes i know i can call the VA – Here you go—Humira (adalimumab). I believe this shows that it was added to the list in Sept. 2003: For more info on the prescription drugs on their register:

Is Humira protected for the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis?
I have RA and i used humira . it worked for me for a little while. But i think she should try it. It might work better for your mother then what it did for me. I immediately use Enrel twice a week and feel much better.

Is in that anyone using Humira Pen and for what bad health? How oodles injections and treatments?
I am using it for a GI problem but don’t think it was meant to treat just GI. The commericals are outstandingly vague, like the Remicade was at first. I am just curious as to the other strength areas it is being used. -…

Are here any Crohn’s pts. taking Humira for fistulas?
For Crohn’s pts. only: how long have you been on it, did you experience any side effects, is it expensive, and anything else you wish to append. thank you. PS: I am a Crohnie & am looking at options I was given. – I too am suffering from fistula’s (I have…

What are side affects of Humira?
The following side effects are associated with Humira SubQ: Common side effects: Bacterial Infection of Blood or Tissues affecting the Whole Body Severe High Blood Pressure Severe Acute Infection of the Nose, Throat or Sinus Severe Bronchitis Severe Urinary Tract Infection Severe Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Severe Abscess Severe Fever Severe …

Where I can find the better price for HUMIRA?
I have and ankylosing spondylitis, and I need to buy Humira for treatment, I live in Chile . I need to find the better place to buy HUMIRA, next to the best price. – Try Canada

Anybody taking Humira for Ankylosing Spondylitis? Was on Remicade…?
Just wandering if anybody had ever switched from Remicade to Humira? Do you have any side effects? I had my first shot today and so far so good,,,,,but I am still worried,,,,I am hoping tommarrow will be a have a feeling good day for me like it was when I be on remicade. – …