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postheadericon The Common Symptoms or a Herniated Disc

Article by Pundari Kumar

What is the cause of herniated discs’ symptoms?Your nerves will become pinched as pressure from a herniated disc or ruptured disc as it pushes out and into nerves or the spinal cord. A fall or traumatic accident may be the cause of a herniated disc or it may be that it occurred over time with repetitive strain being placed on your spine. People who are experiencing the pain of a herniated disc often already suffer from a condition called spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of the area around the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. With people suffering from spinal stenosis the space that is allotted for the spinal nerves and spinal cord is further limited by a herniated disc.A herniated disc can have some of the following painful symptoms:The spinal cord or the nerves will not work properly when they become compressed. When the nerves are compressed abnormal signals or even no signals at all will be communicated. Electric shock type pain: Abnormal sensations often described as electric shock type pains can be the result of pressure on spinal nerves or the spinal cord itself. If the compression is in the cervical section of your spine the shocking sensation will be felt down your arms. When this pressure located in your lumbar back the shock will be felt down your legs.Numbness and tingling sensations: A tingling or numbness sensation, often referred to as “pins and needles” in a body extremity or a part of the body “falling asleep” is often an indication that there is a form of herniated disc or ruptured disc affecting the patient. Depending on the location of the disc problem it will occur in the legs or the arms.Muscle weakness: If there is nerve irritation, the signals being sent from the brain may be interrupted causing the muscle weakness symptom. Examining patient’s reflexes will often help to test for nerve irritation.Problems affecting normal bowel or bladder functions: A serious symptom of a herniated disc or ruptured disc is problems with the function of the bladder or bowel and this should be examined and treated immediately. These symptoms are a warning sign for cauda equine syndrome which is a medical emergency. If you are having problems urinating, having bowel movements or if you are experiencing a numbness sensation around your genitals you should seek professional help from your doctor immediately.The pressure from a herniated disc causes the irritation of the nerve or spinal cord. All these symptoms are from signals that are being sent to and from the brain being interrupted by the interference that the herniated disc is causing in the neurological pathway.

The symptoms of a herniated disc can either be gradual in the onset or sudden from a traumatic stress or strain applied to your back.Your health care physician will use a physical examination to test your sensation, reflexes and muscle strength when diagnosing a herniated disc or bulging disc. Along with this examination diagnosing a herniated disc will often require at least one of the following tests:* CT scan (Computed tomography)* MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) * x-rays * electromyography * discography* myelography

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Are you interested in Laser Back Surgery? Do you need more information about herniated discs.