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postheadericon How to Cure Heel Pain in the Morning

How to Cure Heel Pain in the Morning.


Do you have acute heel pain in the morning, after or while walking, after sleeping, sitting and running and wondering how to cure heel pain in the morning? You may be suffering from plantar fasciitis, the most common condition of heel pain.

Don’t worry it is curable

Take heart, you can cure this heel pain that you get in the morning by using natural home remedies. Try to understand the symptoms, causes and diagnosis, before deciding upon the method of treatment.


Debilitating pain in the heel, in the ball of foot, in the high arch, in the arch of foot and foot pain come from causes such as stress on the heel, age-related loss of resiliency in the ligaments, wearing incorrect shoes, some form of arthritis like ankylosing spondylitis of Reiter’s syndrome and tendency of the foot to roll inward (pronation) upon walking. Diagnosis is made by taking into consideration a patient’s medical history and physical activity and foot pain symptoms.


Symptoms of plantar fasciitis are worsened early in the morning. At that time, the arch tissue is tight and simple movements stretch the contracted tissue. As you begin to loosen the foot, the pain usually subsides, but often returns with prolonged standing or walking.


Rest, massage therapy, stretching, night splints, motion control running shoes, physical therapy, cold therapy, orthotic, anti-inflammatory medications may be used effectively to cure heel pain in the morning. Massaging the inflamed location serves as a temporary relief for an extended period of time.