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canal stenosis

Article by Scott Minteer

Dr. Verapan Kuansongtham, a neurosurgeon specialized in spine surgery, and his partner, Dr. Sompoch Paiboonsirijit, an orthopedic surgeon also specialized in spine surgery, have jointly organized 17th symposium for full-endoscopic surgery of the lumbar and cervical spine with their German partner, Dr. med. Sebastian Ruetten at Bumrungrad International during 22nd to 23rd January 2010. The symposium was a success. Not only doctors from Thailand, but also doctors from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea and India attended the symposium. The team has received several invitations from doctors in many countries such as Hong Kong and Malaysia to organize a similar symposium abroad.

Dr. Ruetten, Head of Department of Spine Surgery and Pain Therapy of St. Anna-Hospital Herne, Germany, is a world pioneer who invented a special technique for using an endoscope to operate patients with herniated discs. With his endoscopes produced by Richard Wolf in Germany, a surgical field is minimized to 8 mm. and due to a minimal injury to muscles around the operative area, patients can go home after 24 hours of surgery.

Dr. Verapan and Dr. Sompoch were directly trained by Dr. Ruetten. In 2008, they decided to become partners in training doctors around the world for the full-endoscopic spine and cervical surgery. They organize a symposium for doctors in Germany semi-annually in March and September. For Asia, Thailand will be the only center for training where Dr. Ruetten will fly in with his team from Germany and join Dr. Verapan in organizing a symposium semi-annually in January and June.

Last year, Dr. Verapan and Dr. Sompoch also joined Dr. Ruetten in organizing a special workshop in Chicago for American doctors.


Stenosis (lateral or central canal stenosis) is a lumbar spine disease in which the spinal canal is gradually narrowed due to the degeneration of the facet joints and ligament. Such degeneration causes bone spurs grow into the spinal canal, the facet joints enlarge and the ligaments become stiff. These all contribute to a smaller space for the nerve roots and spinal cords located in the spinal canal. In general, patients with stenosis may suffer from lower back and leg pain and some suffer great leg pain when they walk without any back pain.

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