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Technological advancements have made all types of surgeries an easy task in today’s time and have made surgeries a much easier process than it used to be. Earlier, patients had to undergo through a long process of surgery, followed by treatments. Scoliosis surgery is no exception. Scoliosis is the only method through which congenital scoliosis can be rectified. Although, today scoliosis surgery still takes many hours, patient are discharged within a week. Post-operative treatment is required only for some kinds of surgery. After the surgery, patient can go to school or work few weeks, and continue with all pre-surgery activities within a span of four to six months. Scoliosis surgeries are required to correct the abnormal curve and prevent it from increasing. It is highly recommended that patients must approach only to specialists and discuss the possible benefits and risks before undergoing the surgery.

Many people suffer from back problem these days and the pain can become unbearable. It may be due to wrong posture, lifting heavy weight, old age or some kind of injury to the spine. Most of the people do not visit the doctor, for those who visit they receive some kind of medication or adjustment that allows them to continue with their daily activities.

Others have to go for the dreaded procedure. But, thanks to the today’s technology, we can now make use of minimally invasive spine surgery that has a short recovery time. Minimally invasive spine surgery has another benefit, which is smaller scars, right where the endoscope and instruments were inserted. Tuberculous spondylitis is a spine infection which can be distinguished by by bone destruction, fracture, and collapse of the vertebrae, resulting in kyphotic deformity. Spine TB Treatment removes the infection and prevents or treats neurologic deficits and spinal deformity.

Hip pain is one of the most common problems that are being faced by almost everyone today. Though, ageing is the most common reason for this, but accident, infections and osteoarthritis may also add to this problem. If you are suffering from severe hip pain, than you should consider going in for a hip replacement. Hip replacement involves replacing your hip with artificial parts and can help you in getting relief from pain and improve the quality of your life. One of the major benefits of this type of surgery is that it increases mobility. This surgery helps in resuming normal activities without using any stick or cane improves independence and the quality of life considerably.

postheadericon Orthopedic Surgeons-Effectively Managing Problems through Personalized Care and Advanced Technology

spinal stenosis

Article by Anna Woodward

If you have been experiencing problems with your back whether it is the result of cancer, a degenerative condition, trauma or more, you can contact the offices of professional and reputable orthopedic surgeons for a consultation so that your problem can be identified and you can get a personalized treatment plan. We all know the role of the spine is an important one as it aids us with daily activities such as flexibility, posture, holding up the upper body and more. The spinal cord is also protected by the spine and when you have a problem with your spine you need orthopedic spine surgeons that have specialty training in the areas of treating and diagnosing injuries and spinal diseases. You can receive operative and non-operative treatment for you or your child in the areas of:Spinal TraumaDisc HerniationsSpinal StenosisBack and Neck degenerative conditionsCancer of the spineSpinal deformities and Scoliosis

The most mobile and flexible joint in your body is your shoulder and together with your elbow gives you the ability to rotate and move your arm to the side, over your head, in front of you, and around the rear of your body. When your shoulder and elbow are functioning properly, the large movements of the elbow and shoulder give you the ability to execute daily activities with simplicity and accuracy. If you should receive an injury to the elbow or shoulder area, you should get treatment from orthopedic surgeons that have experience with diagnosing elbow and shoulder problems accurately, and have intensive training and knowledge in the area of elbow and shoulder surgery. You can get treatment from fellowship trained orthopedic specialists for your:Upper extremity fracturesFrozen elbow and shoulderElbow and shoulder sports injuriesElbow and shoulder instabilityRotators cuff injuriesArthritisElbow and shoulder reconstruction and joint replacement and more

Pediatric Orthopedics is a sub specialty that deals with the treatment and diagnosis of growing muscles, joints and bones. This area of orthopedics uses a variety of treatment methods to improve a child’s quality of life. Techniques such as splints and braces, surgery, and observation of growth are used to provide treatment and personalized care to manage their orthopedic needs. You can receive the services of a pediatric orthopedic specialist that is fellowship trained and board certified for treatment of adults as well as children. Many of the treatment plans created for those that need pediatric orthopedic care are for conditions including:Hip dysplasiaCerebral PalsyGrowth plate injuriesFracturesCongenital and acquired scoliosisCongenital had deformitiesDeformities of the upper extremitySpina BifidaCongenital hand deformitiesDeformities

If you are needing the services of orthopedic surgeons for these and other orthopedic conditions such as problems with the wrist and hand, foot and ankle, knee, hip, joint replacement or reconstruction, oncology problems and more, you can call and schedule a consultation for an appointment with a fellowship trained spine surgeon. You can even receive immediate care for your sprains and strains, cast or wound dressing problems, sports related injuries, minor dislocations and more through an after-hours walk in program at the orthopedic surgeons office.

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postheadericon New Program Offers Expert Multidisciplinary Care for Advanced Valvular and Structural Heart Disease

Article by Suzanne Benz

The new Structural Heart Disease Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital provides highly specialized, multidisciplinary evaluation and care for patients with advanced and complex valvular and structural heart disease.

Comprised of a renowned team of specialists in cardiovascular medicine and surgery, including cardiology, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, cardiovascular imaging, and cardiac anesthesia, the Program enables patients to be evaluated by multiple specialists in one visit. These specialists collaborate closely in the development of a treatment plan – often using multiple modalities – designed to deliver the best outcome for each patient.

Groundbreaking Clinical TrialsThe team of experts in the Program participates in leading clinical trials and is currently enrolling patients in the PARTNER trial, a national, multi-center, randomized trial for patients with aortic stenosis who are at high risk for conventional surgery.

The team recently completed the first percutaneous aortic valve replacement as part of this trial, placing a 26mm SAPIEN prosthesis via the transfemoral route, with vascular access and closure done entirely percutaneously. In the future, patients will be treated using either a percutaneous or transapical approach. New trials for patients with mitral regurgitation are expected within the year.

Advanced Treatment OptionsThe team of specialists in the Program collaborates to offer a range of advanced procedures, including:• Percutaneous valve replacement;• Aortic and mitral valvuloplasty;• Catheter-based closure of periprosthetic valvular leaks in high risk or inoperable patients;• “Hybrid” approaches to combined coronary and valvular heart disease.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s neuroscience center offers neurology services with the care & compassion you would expect from an organization that has been consistently ranked as one of America’s best hospitals on the U.S. News & World Report® Honor Roll, and one of the top neurology & neurosurgery providers in the country. For close to 175 years, Brigham and Women’s Hospital has been the most trusted name in women’s health. Our women health center has been the site for important advances in women’s health. Our team works to improve the health of women and transform their care. For more information about BWH, please visit .

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